Bitcoin Sparks Study: Silk Road A Supply Chain Disruptor

Media Skunk Works, a University of York,  data research lab commissioned the  study (of which this is an extract) on the basis of information received from: of abnormal wagering patterns from Colombia, Peru and Mexico. This led to a preliminary study that highlighted some surprising inferences. As such an unbiased investigation into the statistical validity of the  findings was commissioned. These findings underline the scale of disruption attributed to Ross Ulbricht’s Silk Road, the deepweb and it’s enabling disruptor, Bitcoin. For the full analysis get the PDF here –

Hidden In Plain Sight

The source data was taken from Google’s Keyword Planner, a tool usually reserved for Google’s Pay Per Click advertisers. Keyword Planner allows advertisers to forecast advertising costs. It reports the number of times a keyword has been searched for in a given language by country, region and providing there’s sufficient data, by city. The study  shows abnormal hot spots of regional and city level searches.AbnormalWageringInvestigation_pdf__page_17_of_25_

High search volume with seasonal production cycles

A twice annual production cycle can be seen in May and again in October (download full PDF and receive the raw data by email). Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 04.33.17

Similar Patterns In Mexico And Colombia

Given the value of the international drug trade along with the impact Bitcoin is having on the world’s drug supply chain, it remains entirely possible that Ross Ulbricht’s verdict,  sentence and what numerous legal experts have citing as questionable legal process, may be related more to it’s cost to the incumbent due to the impact on traditional supply chains. Sulphuric Acid, a chemical commonly used in industrial cocaine production can be seen to exhibit an almost identical trend, mimicking in Mexico what we first saw in Colombia and to a lesser extent Peru. For the full analysis get the PDF here –

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