Ross Ulbricht's Lawyer: Life Sentence Unfair Based On Improper Considerations That Are Not Based In Fact Or Law


Discovering Digital Footprint Of The Cocaine Cartel

What started as a passing comment from a bitcoin casino CEO, turned into to what is believed to be evidence the true scale of South American cocaine production. Ross Ubricht's life sentence suddenly appears to make more sense.

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The History Of Disruption From The Printing Press To Today

The disrupted have historically failed to appreciate becoming the incumbent. Disruption is part of the cycle of life. We may have moved on since the incumbent church persecuted those who dared to utter stories of the printing press.

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New Study Raises Concerns Over Future Of Crypto

University of York Statistician confirms darkweb & drug production correlation, which infers Silk Road's significance as a disruptor of the drug supply chain a bigger issue than previously admitted. but wait until you see who the incumbent is.

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